Business Coaching
We would like to discuss ways we can enhance your business and help you realize your dreams.
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Photograph provided by Dr. Scott Sherman
      A business coach is an individual who assists executives, business owners, and aspiring
business owners to enhance the strategic position, efficiency, and effectiveness of their
organization.  This is accomplished by strategic analysis of the environment and firm, identifying
business strengths and weaknesses, providing solutions, developing business plans, and
assisting implementation.    
Coaching Process

Discovery - We meet with the client to completely understand the client's vision, identify research
questions to address, and identify the target audience of the business plan.

Research - We utilize several business analysis models such as value chain, resource based
view, and five forces to understand the business situation.  

Strategy - We develop targeted solutions to accomplish the client's vision.  We present the plan
to the client, provide a written business plan, and give the client a recommended time line for

Implementation - We provide scheduled follow-up for our clients throughout the implementation
process to achieve the client's goal.  


We establish project prices according to the size, scoop, and estimated length of